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Staff Implementation Engineer

Job facts

Job ID 2023-7529 Location Austin, TX Date Posted Mar. 13, 2023 Category IT

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Job Description


As an Implementation Engineer in Arm's systems group we like to think we are not just crafting sophisticated SoCs, but we are defining future chip design techniques. Not only do we improve the power, performance and system integration of our products, but we also craft the design flows, influence Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools and build the knowledge base that makes high performance chip design possible.

An as Implementation Engineer at Arm, our work goes beyond multiple divisions where we drive improved implementation for Arm and our partners. A key component of this is around the development of comprehensive implementation and analysis methodologies.


Physical design and implementation of CPU cores, system interconnect and other ARM IP

Investigate the tradeoffs involved in implementation

Analyze design timing and power to help improve the quality of ARM IP

Develop and deploy new methodologies to improve implementation efficiency and results

Support and develop detailed implementation analysis and data-mining methodologies.

Work with implementation and physical IP RTL design teams to drive analysis and optimization of our IP.

Converting R&D concepts into real implementation solutions.

Enable our partners to achieve the best possible quality of results.

What skills, experience, and qualifications do I need?

Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or other meaningful technical fields.

5+ years...

The ability to demonstrate that you can express new ideas and communicate them effectively.

Possess a high level of dedicated, initiative and problem-solving skills.

Experience in crafting and embracing new silicon implementation techniques and methodologies and promote their use with international teams

Previous experience in and knowledge of the entire IC design flow, from RTL through to GDS2.

Experience working closely in top and block level floor planning, Place and Route, CTS, logical and physical optimization, timing closure and power analysis flows.

Proven programming and scripting skills eg. Tcl, Perl, R, Make, sh.


Knowledge around Arm based SoCs!

Experience with a wide range of programming, scripting & data presentation languages Eg. Tcl, sh, csh, make, R, C, C++, Java, JS, HTML, Perl, Python, Ruby, …

Experience with low power design techniques (power gating, voltage/frequency scaling)

Experience with Verilog RTL design.

Understanding and working experience in static and dynamic IR-drop analysis.

Experience of power grid design and analysis.

Experience of physical verification (LVS and DRC) flows.

Experience with ATPG tools/and or production testing.


At Arm, we are proud to have a set of behaviors that reflect our individual culture and guide our decisions, defining how we work together to "defy ordinary and craft outstanding". These behaviors are assessed as part of the recruitment process:

  • Partner and customer focus – A tendency to put your partners and customers first, by understanding their needs and striving to achieve good outcomes.
  • Teamwork and communication – Ability to forge lasting relationships which are built upon mutual trust, open communication and sharing of information and success.
  • Creativity and innovation – Possessing a passion for driving continuous improvement through spotting opportunities and seeking the views of others.
  • Team and personal development – Take time to drive and own your development, and encouraging team members and our ecosystem partners to do the same.
  • Impact and influence – Listen to perspectives, evaluate, persuade and carefully shape your work to deliver truly impactful results.
  • Deliver on your promises – Demonstrate a can-do attitude and work towards overcoming obstacles, acting with a sense of urgency because you’re passionate about the work.


Equal Opportunities at Arm

Arm is an equal opportunity employer, committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal opportunities are available to all applicants and colleagues. We are a diverse organization of dedicated and innovative individuals, and don’t discriminate on the basis of any characteristic.

Hybrid Working at Arm

Arm’s hybrid approach to working is centred around flexibility, where we split our time between the office and other locations to get our work done. We empower groups/teams to determine their hybrid working pattern, with an expected minimum attendance in the office of 20% per month, depending on the work, level of experience and team’s needs. In some cases, the flexibility we can offer is limited by local legal, regulatory, tax, or other considerations, and where this is the case, we will collaborate with you to find the best solution.

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